The natural evolution of the creation of our organic coconut powdered sugar started with our love of baking coupled with our health conscious lifestyle. Blending these 2 dichotomies surely seemed possible. With a lot of thought, experimenting and testing, we have created the perfect melding of very minimal ingredients to maximize the flavor of this powdered sugar which can easily replace white or cane sugar. Dozens of cakes and cupcakes later, we’ve mastered the perfect blend to ensure the most satisfying and delicious buttercream ever! We are so pleased to be able to offer this ready to use sugar for everyone, especially those who have a health condition or challenge and for those wanting to bridge the gap with some healthier options to satisfy those sweet teeth. We are proud to offer this convenient powdered coconut sugar option as most didn’t realize this was an option! Also in our testings, we have found that we used way less powdered coconut sugar for each recipe than traditional powdered sugar without sacrificing any flavor.